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Headlight Failure

Hello to all,
I have just joined the list.  I have had my Sprint ST since August 1999 and
love it, However I had a problem I was hoping somone could help with.  I was
riding at night a couple  days ago and my headlights went off for no apparent
reason.  This is quite unnerving at 10:30 pm on a dark road.  I stopped  as
soon as I could and turned the ignition switch off.  The headlights went on
for a couple seconds and proceeded to go out again.  I then turned the
ignition switch off a second time and the lights came on again and the same
thing happened.  After a third attempt at the ignition switch the headlights
stayed on.  I have had no problems since.  I checked my fuses and wiring and
cannot find anything wrong.  The only thing I could think of was that I had
given the Sprint a wash to clean off the months of grime and maybe got a drop
of water where it should'nt have been.  Any thoughts would be welcome.
thanks   Jeff.

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