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Re: [ST] Battery Questions

Erik Miner wrote:

> So esteemed fellow Dawgs and Dawg-ettes what is the common wisdom on 
> what is the best battery out there. Best for holding a charge and 
> lasting?? All opinions appreciated!

I looked into this a couple of months ago and was disappointed with the 
results. There's Yuasa... or Yuasa.

Apparently Champion has come out with a new line of AGM (absorbent glass 
mat) batteries for motorcycles, but I haven't been able to find out if 
they make one in the proper size for an ST. AGM would be a step up on 
Yuasa's standard lead acid design.

Odyssey also makes a few models for bikes, but none that fit an ST. 
They're pretty nice "drycell" jobbies.

I'd be in dawg heaven if Optima 
<http://www.optimabatteries.com/main.htm> made motorcycle batteries. A 
red top would be great -- completely sealed, spiral cell, AGM SLI 
battery. I've got one in my car and have been extremely happy with it. 
Alas, it doesn't seem like Optima has any interest in making motorcycle 

- -- 
Blake "Dawgbert" Sobiloff <sobiloff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Burlingame, CA, USA

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