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RE: [ST] Actual riding stuff

I've only just joined this list and got the tail end of the messages about
advanced riding skills.  Someone has mentioned a book from England, not sure
what the book was though.

Motorcycle Roadcraft is the UK Police advanced riding handbook, there are a
lot of useful riding tips in it and it is all based around real life road
situations, there is also just Roadcraft, which is for advanced car driving.
The book was totally revised a few years back and is now less formal with
exercises that can be completed in each chapter, it is an excellent book to
start with and it goes to prove that all that leaning off and knee waving is
macho bullshit and does nothing for real road riding other than to hold the
bike up 1 second longer before your knee cap explodes when it hits the kerb!

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what is this book from England?
Is it the Police Riders handbook, or something else?

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