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Re: [ST] Scottoiler Questions

Andrew Bell Wrote:
>For a US license plate it looked hokey, so I use the RMV only.

It may look hokey, but it's definitly functional for a two-week trip.  I
have one on my old CBR and until I rode the Sprint without one, and then
had to lube the chain every morning, I didn't realize how dependent I'd
become on having one.

>The best place to get vacuum from is the location in the
>instructions. At the Idle Control valve, you slice open a
>corrugated hose install the purchased separately special "T"

Perfect.  That's what I was looking for.  Many thanks.

>Helpful hint: Follow the directions :)  and RTFM ;)

That's about a 50/50 proposition.  Yes, definitly run the lines the way
they tell you to get the right siphoning, but mounting the dispenser always
requires a little trickery.  And RTFM does not always work.....as I
recently found out.

This was probably discussed before, but I couldn't get the luggage rack
(when installed following the instructions) to work with a Corbin seat.
The front supporting bracket did not offer enough clearance for the Corbin
and with it installed as the manual states, the two would not play nice
together.  When I first started the install, I almost threw the manual away
and just mounted up the rack as is, but though "OK, this is a new bike.
Follow the instructions and do it right."  After then uninstalling the
brackets, I mounted it up the way I originally wanted to.  So, what should
have taken me 5 minutes instead took me about 2 hours.

So, IMHO when you RTFM, YMMV.

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