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Re: [ST] luggage'less in Dallas

A thought, a good though, well they might be able to get in the
brackets, so I can install the brackets and for a minour fee (such
a dinner), maybe I can borrow the paniers?

Although I finally got through to the dealer and they are starting
to really push TOA on this one. Supposedly TOA got in 31 containers
or something yesterday. So I am assuming that they have a bit of
inventory to sort through.

So I am crossing my fingers, hopefully I will get them in a week
or two. Looking at Bill's bike over the weekend I became very
luggage envy :-)

The ST is a very good bike, but life will be soooo much better when
I can use it as a daily ride. I already have 11,000 miles on the
car, and it is barely 7 months old.

On Wed, 13 Jun 2001, STeve Duncan wrote:

> Tom,  Well that truly does suck.  The Hardbags were one of the main reasons 
> I bought the ST as well.  And once you use them, it's very hard to ride 
> without. Even a short day ride I usually leave the bags on, cause it's just 
> so damn easy to carry stuff.

Yup, and if I get a valentine one, it will be mounted in the exact smae spot
as Erik M's. 

> Don't know if this is any help but David "Bird Dawg" Viosca still has the 
> bags from his ST.  They are black however, and one is a little scratched up 
> from the fall (not much).  But he may be willing to part with them. You 
> could have them painted.  Or ride with black bags  ;>)
> Then again, David may not want to part with them.  After Colorado he may be 
> looking at another ST !  8-)

As far as this weekend, up for a Sunday morning ride Steve?


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