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[ST] Re: Engine vibration, RS hugger problem

On the engine vibes I second whoever it was that recommended a front
sprocket change. Since I moved to 18 (from 19) the lugging below 3000 has
disappeared and it pulls gently but sweetly from 2000. BUT, on a related
topic ...

... I just tried to fit the factory carbon-look hugger to my RS. It was
fairly easy to fit myself, fit fine and looked great, right up to the moment
I tried to refit the wheel. At which point I discovered that the wheel hit
the inside of the hugger before the chain would fit back on the rear

I tried everything and eventually had to give up. I spoke to the head
mechanic at Lilleys and he thinks it's because I fitted a one link shorter
chain when I fitted the 18. Although at the axle this has given me the
benefit of almost the full range of chain adjustment for the future, it also
pulled the wheel that bit further forward than stock, so now there's not
enough room to fit the hugger (which runs between the tyre and the swingarm
to protect the lower shock links).

He offered to add a link to my chain, but I know from the short while I had
the 18 with the original chain that this would have left me with less than
half of the range of adjustment at the back - maybe therefore running out of
adjustment long before the chain was past it. At which point I suppose I
could remove a link again, but then it might start rubbing again. Aaargh!

Also, I now have an Avon Azaro 2 on the back, and although it's 180/55,
supposedly just like the BT020, it's apparently known for quite a deep
tread, leaving even less clearance between the tyre and the swingarm. So
maybe even with a stock chain it would still rub the hugger. Double aargh!

So I'm just saying beware, I guess. I never thought about a hugger when I
shortened the chain, but now at least you can avoid it if you like. In the
end I decided to keep the bike the way it is, and Lilleys kindly gave me my
money back on the hugger. But if anyone out there decides to fit the hugger
with an 18 and an Avon on the *original* chain length, I will be very
interested to know if it works out. As I said, the hugger itself looked
gorgeous in place, and I was sad to give it up.

I bet ST owners with single-siders don't have all this trouble ...

00 RS

P.S. I've just though of a possible solution. Fit a 17!

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