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Re: [ST] accessory plug

In your message regarding [ST] accessory plug dated Sat, 16 Jun 2001
19:58:57 -0400, Denis Liakos said that ...

>DL-  I noticed that the female accessory receptacle is a smaller diameter than a 
>DL-  standard male plug for either my radar detector or the power cord used with 
>DL-  my Garmin Emap.
>DL-  Is there a way to adapt the receptacle on the bike to permit the use of 
>DL-  these"cigarette lighter" type plugs?

http://www.sprint-st.org/gps_wiring.html may be of some use to you as it
describes the way I fitted the GPS wiring.

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Mike Bostock
Wales & SW ST Riders

'99 Red ST

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