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Re: [ST] New file uploaded

>Previously, you (Andrew Bell) wrote:
> > Its nice to see your Mom taught ya right. That 'real' bikes run in the 
> family.

Actually it was the other way around. Dad was a Honda man until we both got 
hooked on Harleys. Mom used her extra money to race Porsches until it got 
too expensive. She then moved to Kawasakis (go figure). When I made the 
move to Triumph she made the move to Harley and has been very happy ever 

At 03:11 PM 6/20/01 -0400, William A. Flowers wrote:
>Heck, she rode the bike from somewhere up North (Minnesota or something
>like that) to Florida.  She's a SERIOUS rider!

Actually from NE Connecticut. She rode up into NY, then down through PA and 
crossed over to the BRP. She then took the BRP south to Asheville and then 
slabbed it from there.

The reason for the long ride ? Vacation ? Nope - she wanted to come down 
and see my daughter's recital which was on the Saturday... Spent a couple 
days visiting and then headed back north.

>Now we all know where
>Eric gets it from.

You know it - I only hope I have half her drive when I reach that age....

Thanks for posting the pics - 2 cool.

- -Eric

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