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[ST] Western Rallye

  Well Nikki and I made it back yesterday around 11 am. We had a blast and 
really enjoyed meeting all of you. Nikki even wants to go next year.   
  Sunday Morning as we are getting ready to leave  The bike gets a massive 
gas leak Lucky for us it was at the hotel parking lot. Taer bike apart and 
find out it was  a split gas line. Thankfully Rude Dawg and his Family hadnt 
left yet and with his help we went and got a new line installed it and put my 
bike back together. Thanks Jack and all the rest of you for the way  you 
adopted Nikki You all are great. Hope to see and ride with you all again.
 The rest of the trip home went great. 

Steve "Viper Dawg" Ford

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