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[ST] RE: Deal's Gap or the Alps

Johnathan sez:
"If you are doing 'Deal's Gap' and are thinking of doing the loop back via
Nantahala watch out for some lovely 'ridged surfaces' on the bends and
truely appalling road surfaces.  I think I would just turn around and do the
Gap the other way.
has some lovely photos etc. of the routes across the Alps...... just to wet
your appetite."

Neat website Johnathan!
Having lived in Germany for 2 years while in the US Air Force, albeit 23
years ago, and having a '73 Norton 750 Commando as primary transportation, I
am qualified to say that the riding was excellent! I was stationed in
Sembach which is between Kaiserslautern and Saarbruken - southern Germany. I
took several trips to and through the Alps. Very nice. As with all areas, I
do remember a bit of congestion in places and some nice open roads in
others. It was neat riding up along a mountain side and getting the feeling
of taking off in an airplane. We were so inspired that we rarely stopped and
took pictures. I have 3 pictures from all those trips we had, but I can
remember them as if it were last week. I also did quite a bit of riding in
the Reinphalz (sp?) region and really enjoyed the rolling hills, forests and
wineries (a favorite dating destination :) ). I can remember going over to a
friend's house in Sippersfeld frequently with my girl friend and sharing a
shot of some of Ekhart Krampitz's home-made Schnopps once my bike was
started and date firmly in place behind me! Yep, very nice times indeed....
Bill Findiesen

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