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Re: [ST] Gas milage

My RS has averaged 45.9 mpg over the 17 months I've owned it (13k 
miles).  That's with standard gearing; I'm not sure what the sprokets 
are on the RS.  During the ride to Montrose for the rallye, my best 
average on a single tank was 63 mpg, whereas the average for the whole 
2800 miles put on during the ride to/from and at the rallye, was 53.5 

- -Keith
'00 RS

On 22 Jun 2001, at 9:56, Chris Strizver wrote:

> There's been some discussion about gas mileage and fuel octane and such.
> Bottom line, on average, what kind of mileage should we be able to expect
> from our ST's? I've heard 55 for touring and not much below that for
> twisties. Should I be harassing my dealer since I'm getting 43-45 regardless
> of ride type? 225 miles/tank is about all I'll push it.
> -Chris
> '00 blue ST

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