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RE: [ST] Riding in London

> Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 21:48:28 -0000
> From: "Alex Hendry" <alex_hendry@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> ...
> First time writing to list, but I have enjoyed reading all your
> hints, tips and travels for ages.

Glad to be present for your coming out...

> I noticed a load of bikers using the Bus Lanes (during the prohibited
> times), and was wondering if any riders on the list had ever been
> prosecuted for riding in bus lanes.  Its obviously a lot safer than
> filtering between cars and lorries and I am sorely tempted.

Get ye to Bristol laddie,

Not only is it legal to ride in the bus lanes, but positively encouraged!

Heck, even the taxi drivers are beginning to be aware of the phenomenon (I
can't believe I've just suggested that!).

There are even one or two councils here abouts installing motorcycle parking
bars (i.e. bars to which you can chain your steed) - but then we don't enjoy
metropolitan salaries - so there have to be some compensations, don't there?

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