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Re: [ST] help: engine light?

>From: Thomas Emberson Today, first commute to work with the luggage, and 
>the check engine light won't go off. >Tom
>ps. Steve, have to loosen the strengthening bracket we had so much fun with 
>for the lock relocation :-)



The fact that we disconnected the battery will cause the dreaded "check 
engine light".  It will reset after about 4-5 cycles of running the bike / 
shut-off / run. This will happen anytime you lose power to the ECU.  Don't 

WHY did you have to mess with that damned bracket, again???  You should be 
getting pretty good at it by now.

And anyone, needing luggage installed, Tom & I are available for a nominal 
fee.  (let's see, 6 hours @ $50.00/hr for Tom & $30.00/hr for me, [Tom did 
most of the work] ...that's about $480.00/U.S) and you have to pay any 
airline tickets!

STeve Duncan
2K -ST (Betty)
Dallas, TX

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