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[ST] Helmet Liner Cleaner


First I want to say a big hearty THANK YOU to the TSRA members who welcomed 
me to the rally in Montrose, even though I ride a Thunderbird Sport. And for 
"honoring" with the "Best Trailer" award.  :)

The best part was meeting all of the other fellow Triumph owners. Like I 
said before, I love the Sprints. I bought my Trophy in 1998 and had I known 
about the ST's or RS's then, I would not have bought my Trophy. But as it 
is, I do like my Trophy and as it's my first Triumph, I'm having a hard time 
parting with it.

Special Hello to the California crew(Blake, Paul, Matt, Keith), Adam from 
Phoenix and John from Alabama. Thanks for letting us South Dakota boys hang 
out with you.

I hope to get the pictures that I took back this evening and I'll post some 
of them.

Anyway I have a general motorcyclist question. I have several Shoei RF-800 
helmets and 1 of them has 25,000 miles on it. I would like to replace or at 
least clean the liner. Has anyone actually been successful in cleaning their 
helmet liners, and if so what is a good product to use?

I searched the archives and didn't get any response to this topic.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Prairie Dawg Miller

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