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Re: [ST] RE: eMap - & Delorme Topo 3.0

Hey folks,

This may not be directly relevant to the current thread but I just received 
a new DeLorme software package, just out, Topo Version 3.0     I have some 
of their software and p.c. plug-in GPS unit.  They sent me this offer I 
"couldn't refuse"!

This thing is amazing. 2D topo of every road in the U.S.  AND you can create 
3D versions, and spin'em around and look at the data from any angle!  You 
can also exaggerate the elevation changes up to 8X.  This is really great 
for planning a trip.  I can virtually "see" the curves and elevation changes 
of any road I am planning to ride.

For comparison I have looked at familiar roads.  First was Deals Gap.     
AWESOME !!!!!  Man, you can really see what makes it such a great road.  And 
I think I will be a little faster next time with the overall feel for the 
road. (or maybe not).

STeve Duncan
2K -ST (Betty)
Dallas, TX

your results may vary (or maybe not)

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