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[ST] CSS 1/5: California Superbike School brief summary

	As most of you know, I spent my weekend at the Streets of WIllow
Springs taking Levels 1 & 2 of Keith Code's California Superbike School. First
off, I'm happy to have no injuries to report. I didn't crash any of CSS's
ZX-6R's and had only one off-track "agricultural" excursion (see part 5: The
Track). Overall impression: Wow, what fun!!! I don't think I've had that much
fun since I lost my virginity! And we learned a lot, too. SInce some of you
don't want the whole story, I've divided it into a five part miniseries...

part 2: Level 1 Training
part 3: Level 2 Training
part 4: Is it relevant for street riding?
part 5: The Track

	Jim Huber

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