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[ST] CSS 3/5: Level 2 training

	Level 2 training really should be done with Level 1. If you can only
afford one day, do it. But if there's any way you can do both together, it's
worth every cent. Level 2 is mostly visual skills like reference points,
wide-view, and vanishing points. Great stuff. We all ran faster but felt like
we were going slower, which is a wonderful confidence builder. I was much less
tired after Level 2 than Level 1.
	We also got a crack at the Lean Machine, where we learned to hang off.
On the skidpad it worked great, but getting from hanging off one side of the
bike to hanging off the other on the track was a bit too much for me with all
the other stuff I was working on, so haven't yet put that into practice.
	By the end of the day I was running more quickly and much more
consistently. I had three laps in a row with nobody immediately in front of me
so I could run my own pace, and all three laps were within a quarter second:
2:05.75, 2:05.77, and 2:05.99. I have no doubt I could've gotten under 2
minutes if I had wanted to, but I was concentrating on doing it right and not
on going as fast as possible. I generally left at least 3 to 4 feet of track
outside me coming out of turns as "buffer space" in case I made a mistake. Once
it turned out to not be enough...

	Jim Huber

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