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[ST] GSG Moku Frame Sliders for ST - an update

Hello all,

I ordered a set of these sliders (JL695018) from Jack Lilley's via e-mail on
Saturday, April 14th.  Cost was 68.08 UKP plus shipping (a pricey 20 UKP in
my case).  I received an e-mail confirmation on the morning of Tuesday,
17th (ie. after the Easter weekend) that they had been shipped that day.
They arrived at my doorstep (Vancouver, BC, Canada) via Purolator courier on
Monday, April 23rd, without any further invervention on my part.  That's
excellent service in my opinion.

Workmanship appears to be first rate.  Installation was straightforward, a
good thing since the instructions were a bit lacking.  You may need to go
out and buy a few tools however, because I didn't have the T55 Torx wrench
necessary to undo the frame bolts that are replaced (new bolts are 10mm
 hex socketted), nor the 19mm box-end wrench required to tighten the locknut
 on the inside end of the new bolt that secures the sliders in place (old
 were 16mm).

The good news is that absolutely no modifications to the fairings are
required.  The sliders fit through the large air vents on each side without
touching anything.  And although they really don't do anything to improve
looks of the bike, the peace of mind is well worth it IMHO.  My ST is black,
and so are the plastic 'mushrooms', so they don't stand out too much (yet
 another reason that Black is better than Red) . . . . =8o)


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