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[ST] New ST

Hey all...
    Just thought I'd say hello now that I have an 01 Sprint ST (in the
British Racing Green).   It's still in break-in mileage, but so far I'm
really enjoying the bike.  What a difference coming from a 95 Yamaha VMax!
Kind of like going from driving a Boss 429 Mustang to a Ferrari.  I miss my
VMax as there's nothing out there like it for sheer point a to point b
power!  Those of you who've never experienced "vboost" need to try it
sometime!!  Anyway, it's a whole new ride now.  I had originally wanted the
Speed Triple but decided on the ST with it's range and fairing more amenable
to group touring rides.  Luckily I didn't want the Daytona as that's one of
those my insurance company won't even touch.  I got a little scared when
telling my insurance agent about my new bike and he asked, "Is it the kind
you lay down on?"  Uh...um....well, no not really!  Anyway, after some tense
moments, he confirmed they'd insure the ST!
    About the only negative so far on the ST is the length of time it takes
the clutch to 'warm up' and become smooth.  The bike also has a big gouge in
the fairing from crate damage, but the dealer says they're going to replace
the entire fairing.

Eric Gustafson
Portland, Oregon

"After you've heard two eyewitness accounts of an automobile accident, it
makes you wonder about history"

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