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Re: [ST] GSG Moku Frame Sliders for ST - an update

On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 08:54:48AM -0700, Neil Lindsey wrote:
> The good news is that absolutely no modifications to the fairings are
> required.  The sliders fit through the large air vents on each side
> without touching anything.  And although they really don't do anything
> to improve the looks of the bike, the peace of mind is well worth it
> IMHO.  My ST is black, and so are the plastic 'mushrooms', so they
> don't stand out too much (yet another reason that Black is better than
> Red) . . . . =8o)

Are there any pictures of these anywhere?  I didn't see them on the
triumphnet page and couldn't locate them on lilley's page.


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