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[ST] Re: Steering Head Bearings

>From: Erik Miner <Axeis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: [ST] Steering Head Bearings
>Has anyone as a matter of course or at a service 
>had their steering head bearings re-torqued??

Mine were adjusted at the first service after I felt they were a bit loose.
Since then I have checked them twice. 
The first time I just tensioned the upper nut to specs & that tightened the steering up a bit.
Some time later I actually adjusted them properly as well. There was no noticeable freeplay in the bearings or clunking, but the effort to turn the bars was a bit light, so I adjustment them until it was 'right'.

>I'm just wondering if the factory recommendation 
>is realistic.

Dont know what that is.

>If you did have them done did you notice any >difference??

Not as loose/light in the front end.
Feels more stable & "better".

Darren Mason.
2000 ST.
Melbourne, AuSTralia.

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