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Re: [ST] GSG Moku Frame Sliders for ST - an update

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From: "brd" <brd@xxxxxxx>

> On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 08:54:48AM -0700, Neil Lindsey wrote:
> > The good news is that absolutely no modifications to the fairings are
> > required.  The sliders fit through the large air vents on each side
> > without touching anything.
> Are there any pictures of these anywhere?  I didn't see them on the
> triumphnet page and couldn't locate them on lilley's page.

They're not shown on either website, but Steve says they will be added to
Lilley's site when it is next updated.

In the meantime you can see pictures on the manufacturers website at:


Note that this a German site and there isn't a picture of them on an ST, but
the ones shown for the T595/955i at the bottom of this page (Yellow Daytona)
look the same as the ones I received.  You'll also notice, if you look
carefully, that there are differences in how the sliders are made for other
models.  Mine have the three bolts going through the 'mushroom' and no white

I'll upload a picture or two shortly.


PS.  The GSG Moku part number for the RS sliders is GSG1054995T10 -- for
Jack Lilley's part number you will have to e-mail them

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