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An (un)comfortable decision...

Having just completed a 500 mile ride in 2 days (250 each way), I'm faced
with the hard fact that I just can't get comfortable on my ST.  I'm 5'5"
with 28" inseam, so finding a bike that fits has always been a challenge.
I've installed the Helibars, but they did not help as much as I hoped.  My
right elbow, shoulder, wrist and thumb were in pain by the end of the first
hour.  With all the posture changes to try to alieviate this pain, my
back-side was in pain shortly after.  I wind up sitting all the way forward
on the tank to get my back as close to vertical as possible.

I had a long talk about this with my Triumph dealer, who is my size also.
My friend has a Tiger, and it is the most comfortable bike I ever rode.  I
used to have an SV650 which got stolen, resulting in the ST purchase.  The
Speed Triple seems to be more comfortable due to its smaller seat and higher
bars.  The decision ahead of me is:  Keep the ST, but be uncomfortable.
Trade for a  Demo Tiger w/ luggage ($9900) but have to get it lowered.
Trade for a Speed Triple, but lose a fair amount of money ($10,900) and have
no luggage.  Or go back to the SV650, and save serious cash, and have no

I stand to lose nearly $5000 of purchase price on a trade either way.

Any thoughts?

- -Joel

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