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RE: [ST] OT: cell phones out west

8 weeks on the bikes!  Now where did I put that Lottery ticket?!

I wouldn't think you would have too much trouble getting a cell phone 
signal along most highways through the Rockies.  Of course, if there is
a mountain between you and the tower, you might have to move along a few 
miles to get the signal back.  I live in New Mexico (population less than 
Boston) and have not had trouble getting a signal, even in the middle of 
nowhere (we have a lot of nowhere around here).  It's sometimes weak but 
can be improved by climbing up that hill a bit.

Do not buy a digital only phone.  You will need analog out here.  I have 
Airtouch (now Verizon) service and a dual band phone (analog and 
digital).  An phone running in Analog will take a lot more juice than one 
running in Digital so charge the phone each night and leave it off until 
you need to use it.  My phone can drain the battery in 4 hours in analog 
mode (no phone calls, just on), but can stay powered up to about 14 hours 
in digital mode.

I carry a cell phone, a first aid kit, a tire repair kit, and a tool kit 
with me and have never needed any of them.   If you take it with you, you 
won't need it.

Have a great trip.

Dan 'Hungry Dawg' Wallander
'99 ST

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but on this trip i can't help but think that we'll be out of range of
service a lot -- we aren't exactly going to be in urban centers most
of the time.  should we bother?  we'll be hitting the predictable
parks, and scenic rural areas in between.=20

just how bad _is_ coverage outside of the eastern seaboard?  :-)


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