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[ST] RE: Pipeline Exhaust

Eric D. wrote:

> Was there any performance difference between the Triumph Carbon can and
>Pipeline one?  Any driveability issues?  

Hard to say if there was any performance difference.... I changed from the
19 tooth front cog to a 17 tooth at the same time as I did the exhaust. So
the whole thing was much more snappy. In addition, when you are talking
about relatively small performance changes/increases, the subjectivity of
the experience tends to override any ability to perceive the difference
accurately (note the research done in psychophysics for example). So the
extra sound (quality and amount) easily added a perceived 10 hp :-)

Certainly there are no driveability issues, the bike runs as smooth and is
as driveable as ever it was. It is a great bike!!!

>Where does Pipeline's system start,
>at the end of the header or does it go all the way up to the exhaut ports?

The pipeline fits on at exactly the same place the carbon (and standard) can
does ie. at the end of the header.

cheers, Grant

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