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[ST] (ST) OT: cell phones out west

If you go to your local cellular dealer (one that deals with several
carriers) you should be able to compare maps of each carrier's coverage.
You should be able to find coverage maps on carriers' websites too.
Personally, I have AT&T Wireless and the coverage is probably the best out
here (I'm in Oregon).   When you get off the interstates, coverage can
become somewhat spotty with any cellular carrier.

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> Subject: [ST] OT: cell phones out west
> but on this trip i can't help but think that we'll be out of range of
> service a lot -- we aren't exactly going to be in urban centers most
> of the time.  should we bother?  we'll be hitting the predictable
> parks, and scenic rural areas in between.=20
> just how bad _is_ coverage outside of the eastern seaboard?  :-)
> paul

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