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Re: [ST] argh! (was Re: Neutral problems )

 > >but now that i'm going to get a new cable, i should probably get a slightly
 > >longer one to better accomodate my risers, and maybe allow getting rid
 > >of the 90 degree tubing bend down at the bottom -- i recall the archives
 > Replace it with a cable from a Sprint ST. It's the fundamentally the same
 > cable as the stock one on your RS. However, the housing is reversed and the
 > metal tube with the bend in it is located at the handlebar, rather than at
 > the engine end.

hi ken -- so is it the same length, overall, do you think?  because i've
added gen-mars, the ST-bars, plus another inch of riser, i'm a little
worried about cable length issues.  and does anyone know of a picture that
shows the left ST switchgear, so i can see how the metal tube works?  it's
probably fine, but i'd hate to end up with a new clearance problem of some

 > That condition means a slight re-routing of the cable, and you'll be able to
 > see it through the "cheese grater" holes in the fairing. Big deal. At least
 > it's no longer kinked, which is why yours broke. The additional strain of
 > routing the cable up and down, around the big opening in the fairing is,
 > IMHO, the leading cause of failure.
 > If you look carefully at factory photos of the RS, the one where it's loaded
 > up with all the accessories, it has this cable!

you must be talking about this one.  i can't make out the cable in
it though -- too small.

 > Ken M.
 > '00 RS......In Spencer MA, where's it's cool as a cucumber.

see below.  :-)

 paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 56.1 degrees)
 'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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