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[ST] Normal problem with new Sprint ST?

Hi all.

I've had my Sprint ST for 2 days now, and LOVE the bike.  The past two days, 
after coming home, I have wiped the bike down of excess road dust and bugs 
with wax cleaner.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but I have noticed some sort of spillage around the 
chain guard, the rear rim, and the swingarm.  I wiped them down with a clean 
rag, and it smells and looks like anti-freeze.

I took off the seat, and I found little "dots" of spillage in there as well. 
  I've wiped it completely out, only to find it again this morning for a 
third time.  Is this normal for a new bike, or do I have a problem?

The anti-freeze reservoir looks tight, and it is right between the low and 
high markings, as it should be.  I might be paranoid, but I know my 01' R1 I 
had didn't do this.

Thank you all for any light you can shine my way! :^)


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