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Re: [ST] Center Stand Installation

 > I'll be adding the centerstand to my scoot, and was wondering how
 > bothersome the installation is.

easy.  a couple of bolts.  the instructions are very clear.  the
hardest part, as with any side- or center- stand work, is getting the
spring on.  a good pair of locking pliers helps.  i forget exactly how
i did the one on the RS, but don't remember it being especially hard. 
i might not even have needed the pliers (since i would have been
worried about marring the finish on a brand new stand).

 paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (arlington, ma, where it's 59.0 degrees)
 'oh-oh Sprint RS, '91 VX800, DoD #1462, AMA #545601

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