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[ST] ST/RS Seat wanted; luv my bike

Hi Gang,

Looking for a seat for ST or RS.  Can be ratty as I plan to recover in 
leather.  Cheap is good.  If you've got a Corbin or Sargent I could be 
convinced to break open the piggy bank.  BTW, I totally LOVE my 00 RS w/ TBR 
slip-on.  Howard Serlick kept urging me to upgrade from my 96 Sprint and I 
resisted til I saw an RS in Eclipse Blue (the truly bad, bad color) and lost 
control.  Went to an 18 tooth countershaft sprocket and will soon change rear 
to 45 tooth; also Daytona solid shifter (so it's tight; it's worth it).  
Center stand is the easiest I've ever used (can do it wearing flip flops, 
probably barefoot).  What a winner of a bike!  Hope you're all enjoying yours 
as much.  First Triumph was '59 Bonnie and proud to wear the colors!

Fred (Gentleman Dawg) Honigman.  Chezfreddie@xxxxxxx (610) 783-0849.

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