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[ST] Intercoms & Sound

After I finished my coast to coast cross country trip last summer on my
brand spanking new blue (of course) ST my friends would ask me what the was
the worse hardship I faced on the on trip ....Was it hard on my back....no,
just used proper posture....Was it hard on my butt....no, just stood on the
pegs or got off and smelled some roses or took in some sights....Was it
dealing with trucks on the highway....no, what highway 3000 miles before I
saw an interstate....So what was it????  Having to listen to myself instead
of some great tunes!

So now I have decided to wire the ST for sound and I solemnly swear I won't
blow out the headset speakers on Radar Love!

Now for the questions.

Is there any alternative to Autocom for the control unit?

Who sells Autocom....is it only available from the US distributor?

What is FRS?

Why does chatterbox have such a lousy reputation?

Does anyone other than Sony make a wired remote CD/receiver or what other
alternative are there?

What about CB radios... how can they be controlled?

Does the chatterbox bike to bike use frequencies found on CBs or FRS?

Any other comments are more than welcome!


Eric (still crazed from talking to myself) Drayer
'00 ST Blue (Babe Magnet Color)

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