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[ST] Re:intercoms and sound

Eric Drayer asked about a billion questions RE: HJC, CB's, FRS, etc,

I can tell you first hand that the HJC 27A (CB, intercom, aux audio
input) is a piece of junk.  It does not transmit for crap.  The
microphone is not noise cancelling and thus picks up more wind noise
than voice.  It is impossible to use for two way communication at speed.
Unfortunate really because the rest of the system is actually pretty
good.  If you don't have to talk to anyone on it, its not bad to listen
to CB (smokey reports) and audio.   

My best advice is to find a manufacturer that offers a noise cancelling
mic if you need to communicate in your audio system.  All other mics
will transmit way to much ambient noise to be of any use.  

HJC makes a new FRS sysem that is helmet mounted.  I'd like to know if
it actually works...

Jonathan West
99 red ST 

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