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Re: [ST] Bench Dawg bends buddy's bike, bruises body

At 11:48 AM 5/8/01 -0400, The Flowers wrote:
>Oh, the bike.  Might be a write-off.  Possibly frame is twisted (rear
>sub-frame).  :-(  All right-side body work abraided, and all metal bits.
>Muffler is mangled, ripped open at leading edge.  Rear brake lever snapped
>off.  Bar-end weight, mirror, etc.

Hey Thomas, how did that 3M film hold up ? ;-)

Bill, glad to hear that you are ok. Hey if you have to crash, best to do it 
on someone else's bike !! - remind me to not let you try out my Sargent 

Hope that this doesn't cause any trouble between the two of you - material 
things are easy to replace - friendships are not....

Again, glad to hear that there were no serious injuries...

- -Eric

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