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[ST] Sorry

	Well Bill, sorry about the fall and injury.
	Thomas, you waited so long and now this. Very sorry pal. If you need
someone to pick you up at DFW give ma a call 972-625-6884 (H),
972-952-5065 (W), 214-797-3922 (Cell). I'll be there if at all possible.
FYI, I'll take both screens, no problem there. Just sorry you picked
such an inexperienced, ex buddy, so called rider, to bust your scoot:-)
Actually, the same thing happened to me years ago on Central Expressway
during a hail storm on my bike but I missed the trash can! So sorry.
	Glad everyone survived. Help is I can. Let me know.
	Bill, get well so we can rib you at the Rallye!
- -- 
Jack "Rude Dog" Hays
"I'll see you on the dark side of the moon"

He looked me right in the eyes
Direct and concise to remind me
To always do what's right

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