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[ST] How stupid, and what could happen

I took the bike to KC Engienering this morning and had a set of Dunlop
D205ws put on.  At 6:30 this evening, I left San Francisco for

About an hour later I'm in San Jose, in the fast lane of 101, and Booh
stalls-- I limp him over to the shoulder, and discover I have the
exact same symptoms as when I pickedit up from CalBMW-- fuel gauge and
temp gauge flatlined, and he won't start.  But the gauges perk up
right away, he starts again, and stays running. 

I decide to hop off at the exit that's right in front of me, find a
parking lot, and see if I can find a loose wire or something.  So I
attempt to take off, and the bike is sluggish as all hell.  Whoops!
I'm still in 4th gear.  Downshift, and he runs fine.

So I find a parking lot and spend ten minutes tightening wires, but I
don't see any obvious problems.  I hop back on, and decide that I'll
continue the trip unless he stalls again before I get to Gilroy.

So here I am, nearly 250 miles later, and nothing bad happened on the
trip.  I think I like the new tires, although they make the bike want
to wobble more-- it did lots of wriggling around when I was flying
down I-5 and approaching big trucks.  Maybe it's just that I haven't
totally squared off the rear yet. :-)

What wiring could someone have disturbed when changing tires?
Something up near the headlight, perhaps?  Or maybe Booh just doesn't
like mechanics.

Tomorrow is Vegas via Death Valley.  Whee!

- -Patti

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