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[ST] RE: (ST) Helmets

All this talk about helmets... where does it get us?

Does an Arai Megabucks offer any materially better protection than something
costing half as much (I don't intend to answer)?

For anyone who is actually contemplating a new hat - sure decide on your
favourite colour/graphics, but PLEASE be prepared to go for something else
if the fit isn't right!

And when I say fit, I mean keeping the thing on your head in the shop for at
least half an hour. Better still (and I've only ever encountered this in
Germany - do they still do this?) take the lid out for a test ride before
purchase. You can bet your bottom dollar that: a) your head is not shaped
the same as their last (i.e. form), and b) the shape of your head will
(often considerably) affect the noise level of the helmet.

BTW, I currently use a Schuberth Concept for touring, and have recently
bought an OGK Aeroblade for track. Both excellent hats, but with very
different characteristics. (I had to buy a new hat for the track, as the
Schuberth isn't UK track certified = ACU sticker.)

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