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Re: [ST] for Martin - IRA target

In your message regarding [ST] for Martin - IRA target dated Tue, 08 May
2001 09:26:59 -0700, don draper said that ...

>  >>> Wearing a Union Jack on my jacket in southern Ireland has
>dd-  already caused me quite a bit of trouble. <<<
>dd-      Quite the fad now in California are fake, stick-on bullet holes
>dd-  that look VERY realistic.  If you forward your address, I'll send you
>dd-  one for the back of your helmet!       =8o)

Are they back again.....

They were the rage in the 60's in the UK, mostly with Ford Capri drivers
(along with the fluffy dice hanging from the rearview mirror) :-)))

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Mike Bostock
Wales and SW ST Riders

'99 Red ST

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