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[ST] Booh, leathers, shock

Patti, I'd absolutely have a chat w/Keri and see if he can expedite service 
through Triumph, or if he wants to pick up rental on a U-Haul for you to drive 
home w/Booh in the back...and make the reapirs his issue, not a local dealer's. 
Plus I'd be leery of riding distance even if the local guy "fixes" the problem 
until the bike had sme time on it...

..oh, for the days of simple bikes...

Re leathers: at my maiden race at Willow Springs, my pitmate did some impromptu 
geology on the outside of 9, and his cheapo AGV leathers blew a seam as well. 
On one hand, he was unhurt...no damage under the split...on the other, it 
wasn't confidence building regarding those leathers (I wear Z's myself...).

Time to replace the shock on Vixen. What have people paid for Penske's? Any 
other reccos??

Marc Danziger
00 Sprint ST "Vixen"
95 Speed Triple "Strumpet"
82 Ascot FT500 racebike

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