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Re: [ST] My Day in Hell

Thanks for the support guys.

Yes, $400 for a tow.  I don't find that especially unreasonable when
you figure that it was over 300 miles and seven hours round-trip.

Does anyone have a phone number for Jerry Parish?  If so, could you
please page me with it at 4153050501@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- I'll
be away from a computer for the rest of the day, and I think I'd like
to get in touch with him today.

At this point, I just want a clear identification of what's wrong, so
that I can be confident that it was fixed.  Does anyone know if TOA
has diagnostic specialists available?  I'm really wishing for someone
who understands electrical systems on this bike.

- -Patti

P.S.  If it's proven that the problem was caused by a mechanic, you
can bet your ass that the $400 towing bill is going to CalBMW.

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