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[ST] Today's very minor addition to hell

Thanks to the people who sent me Jerry Parrish's phone number.  I had
a chat with him today, and he said that the dealer should give them a
call for help in troubleshooting the problem.

Now, the downside.  I got to the dealership, and discovered that
they'd recently dropped the Triumph line (although they still have
Triumph logos all over the shop.)  They said the nearest dealership is
now in Orange County, and that they could take a look at the bike, but
it wouldn't be warranty service, and they might not be able to get
parts.  I told them to just go for it, and see if they can find
anything wrong, and that I'd take it up with Triumph directly.

The Triumph website lists Triumph of Las Vegas on it, as of today.

Damn, I wish I didn't love this bike so much.  It's getting to be a
royal pain in the butt.

- -P

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