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Re: [ST] Help request


"Maybe" I can help. There should be three connections on the tank (aside
from fuel and electrical) which are on the right rear lower portion of the
tank. The one that runs horizontal coming off the middle section of the
plate should connect to the airbox, the front most of the 2 which point down
should connect to the hose with the "valve" and the rear one connects to a
hose that runs down to the space between the engine and swingarm. I don't
think the one with the valve connects anywhere, but I'm not sure. This is
all from memory and to be used only for a 'quick' help.

Paul & Dee
Madd Dawg & Dinky Dawg
1999 Triumph Sprint ST
2000 Buell X1

> Issue #1
> I am in the process of installing a new air filter (K & N).  While
> the fuel tank I found that there was no hose connected to the roll over
> valve.  What I did find though was two hoses that were not connected to
> anything.  The first one is a black corregated plastic hose that at the
> other end connected to something near the top of the rear shock.  The
> hose is a clear plastic hose (like a fish tank air hose) that is not
> connected to anything, in fact the other end seems to have been slightly
> melted, probably due to proximity with the exhaust system.  Neither hose
> seems to match the picture on page 9.111 (lower right hand pic #2) of the
> ROM in as much as that hose is connected to what appears to be a check
> valve. Both hoses appear to have the same inner diameter and probably both
> would fit. [Just a thought....did the mechanic at my 6K service use the
> clear plastic hose to avoid spilling fuel when removing the tank and just
> leave it there?]
> Does anyone know which of the two hoses, or is it an entirely different
> third hose, should be connected to the fuel tank and where the other
> should go?

> Eric
> '00 Blue ST

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