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Re: [ST] T dealers in Brisbane Australia

I couldn't agree more, my wife is looking to add another Triumph to the
collection and Moto Arena went to a lot of trouble to keep us informed about
the arrival of the new Bonneville so we could have a ride. They phoned us
several times and arranged a test for the 2 of us. When we do buy the next
Triumph it will be from them and not Shogun, they are hopeless in my
opinion. I ordered a t-shirt 2 months ago and that was the last I heard of
it. Although Moto Arena aren't strictly local they are only 45 minutes down
the freeway and well worth the extra k's.
'00 Spondon 955i
'95 Speed Triple

> Hi Barry,
> I live on the Gold Coast and bought my 99 ST in Brisbane from Brisbane
> Triumph (AKA Shogun Honda) in Springwood.  They were great - right up
> the second after I'd paid for the bike.  From then on, forget it.
> Little things like them not putting a compliance plate on my bike.  When I
> phoned them about it they always said that they'd sort it out and call me
> back.  After 2 months and 4 calls naturally I gave up on them and was left
> with a bike that couldn't be re-registered if the registration ever lapsed
> or the bike moved to a new state.  They wouldn't even return a phone call.
> Enter the team at Paul Feeney's dealership in Nerang on the Gold Coast
> Moto Arena).  They are brilliant!  I didn't buy the bike from them but
> "after sales support" has been fantastic.  They happily sorted out the
> missing plate issue - going back to Triumph for a replacement plate and
> fitting it free of charge.  They also found and fixed the first instance
> the "rubbing wires around the steering head" problem reported to this list
> couple of years ago.  Service, service, service.  Doesn't get any better
> than that.

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