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[ST] Fwd: Triumph Scooter

Anyone have a clue on this ?

>From: "STUART ENGLAND" <STUARTJ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>To: <eric@xxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Triumph Scooter
>Not probably your area, but I hope you can help.  I bought today along 
>with several sheet metal work machines a old D reg Triumph Scooter, I 
>would like to find some info on this machine. I didn't know Triumph made 
>scooters.  I don't have any more info until the log book arrives next week 
>with the scooter.
>Any info or sites you could direct me towards would be great.  If you're 
>wondering why I bought it, I have just started a company called Triumph 
>Fabrications Ltd (nothing to do with bikes or cars ) and it seemed like a 
>good sign and a steal at £245.
>Best regards
>Stuart England

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