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Re: [ST] Bench Dawg bends buddy's bike, bruises body

Previously, you (Thomas Emberson) wrote:
> Although I would still like to try it out. If Bill's doc's fears
> are correct, he might not be at the rally, this is not good. Lets
> just all pray to the bike gods that he has a speedy recovery!

If worst comes to worst, does anyone want a pillion with a broken wing?
Or I can offer half a room in the Inn.

Or ... (hoping) I'll be there, in new protective gear.

> Just a thumb and a ego and a sore hip/neck. 

Neck is now OK.  It was just a bit stiff and sore for a few days.  Hip
is gruesome looking, a bit sore and sometimes stiff, but getting better
by the day.

Thumb / hand is another matter.  But I think I'm seeing something
encouraging with the thumb.  I hope!

- --
Bill "Bench Dawg" Flowers
Clearwater FL
'00 Sapphire Blue ST "Jewel"

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