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Re: [ST] Tires

In your message regarding [ST] Tires dated Mon, 14 May 2001 13:59:13
- -0700, Import Auto Works said that ...

>IAW-  Hi all,
>IAW-  Sorry to beat a dead horse but I think I am now ready for some new
>IAW-  skins. My stock BT57's are not at the wear bars but I think they are
>IAW-  causing my handling woes. My bike feels, to put it best, scary. Slow
>IAW-  wobbles at 90+ mph sweepers on smooth road. On tight stuff the front end
>IAW-  feels unstable, even has slipped twice while not really pushing hard at
>IAW-  all.
>IAW-  My question, does anyone have Avon Azaro II's av35, av36? How do you
>IAW-  like them? I am considering them based off of MCN report.

Just had them fitted today.

I think it is always difficult to compare a worn set of any tires to a new
set of another brand ..but... in spite of the pressures being lower than
they should have been after fitting (32/40) [a fact I only discovered when
I got home - next time I will take my gauge with me] I went looking for
every bit of overbanding, groove, white line I could find and they did not
wiggle or deviate a bit.  As they haven't been scrubbed in yet I haven't
tried to get rid of the the 'whiskers' but they seem OK to me.  However,
living in the UK it is wet weather performance I will be most interested
in since I think that almost any brand is capable of holding out all I can
ask of it in the dry.

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Mike Bostock
Wales & SW ST Riders

'99 Red ST

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