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[ST] Re: Neil's Tax Dollars at Work


Sorry to hear that you've been victimized.  At least
when criminals rob you you aren't taxed for the 

You're not alone.  We've got a locust plague of 
superfluous cops here in California as well.  They're 
a constant (and dangerous) distraction.

I'm wondering how UK points relate to California
points.  In California, you get 1 point for speeding,
3 points for a DUI.  4 points in 3 years and you get
classified as an official "negligent and reckless"
driver and the insurance companies are notified.
At least that's how it was in the 80's when they pinned
that one on me.

- -Don Draper, Jr.  "Blue Dawg"

P.S.  When I got home tonight, I noticed that my rear
         Michelin Pilot Sport is showing steel.  Happened

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| Subject: [ST] A word of warning about worn Azarro Supersport AV40 rears.
| When they start to go, boy do they go!!
| Last weekend I noticed the rear was looking a bit iffy and decided to change
| it this weekend.
| Had to visit a client in Central London (about 115 mile) trip so took Big
| Red as the weather was decent.
| Driving through traffic in Hammersmith (West London) get pulled in by a plod
| on a BMW who has a closer look at my rear (tyre that is!) and decides it is
| now unsafe, it had *really* gone off in 100 miles!
| He calls in his boss, who zooms in on his ST1100 Pan European (great use of
| public resources....about 100 bikes chugged past wearing black illegal
| visors trying not to catch their eye......) and decides to slap a
| prohibition order on the bike.
| I'm in West London 100 miles form home, with "goodies" in my GIVI top box,
| and I am now prohibited from riding the bike!
| Plus three points on my license and a 60 GBP penalty.
| Thinks.....let the rear tyre down and call the British AA (Automobile Ass'n)
| for a trailer in to a bike shop.
| They arrive, and pump me up and send me on my way.....I'm now totally
| illegal, and face a ban on my licence, 2000 GPB fine and imprisonment.
| I call into a bike show room who kindly let me use their yellow pages, and
| track down a dealer in South London who can do me an emergency fitting
| today.
| I creep to Motorcycle City in by Vauxhall bridge, keeping my eyes peeled for
| plods on bikes, and 3 hours later now have a shiny new pair of BT020's.
| Couldn't get Avons for love nor money...I think the fire there last week has
| disrupted deliveries.
| I rode home on the new tyres, slowly, but the bike is still illegal as I
| should not ride it AT ALL (even though I have a pair of new boots on it)
| until it has had a full MOT (Ministry of Transport) fitness test which has
| to then be taken to the police station. 
| Be warned, if you have one that looks iffy, dump it!
| An expensive day....:-(
| PS, the BT020's feel quite nice, handle overbanding very well, even riding
| gently there was a feeling of stability in didn't get with the Avons, but I
| have a weird combo on, an AV35 front and an AV40 Supersport II rear.
| - -- 
| Neil "Diamond Dawg" Tracey
| ex Sprint Sport. 99 Red ST
| Bath. UK.

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