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Re: [ST] what breaks in a tipover?

so my question:  what tends to break when an RS or ST falls over?

I have experienced twice an ST going down on the left (only once was me) and 
the shift lever broke much the same way each time.  The toe piece bends and 
then will break off very easily. But the bar ends seem to do a really good 
job and I don't think you would easly break a clutch or brake lever.  If you 
did you probably could not drive the bike anyway, IMHO.
As I recall, the shift mechanism is about $70, an expensive part to order 
for "just in case".  I am about to order the Moku frame sliders from 
Lilley's for about $100.  Why not put your money there, because the fairing 
bits are REALLY expensive?!

Jon "Grateful Dawg" Stiffler
'00 Blue ST
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