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[ST] PIAA Light Installation

Check it very carefully, Erik.  Of course, maybe our lights are different,
but the beam pattern is the reason that carrier has a detente to orient the
bulb.  If you look at the pattern on a wall or whatever at a range of about
4-5ft, you should see that the pattern is elliptical - having the PIAA
letters horizontal (either right way up or upside down) gives a beam that is
wider than it is high.

I had read someplace that the lights give a round pattern, and then when I
pulled the unit apart...  I ended up calling tech support at
whats-their-face Imports who confirmed it.  Either way, I don't think they
are as good as Cibie, but that's another story.

Has anyone tried the lights from Sport Touring USA?
http://www.sporttouringusa.com/new_lite.htm.  They might be PIAAs too - I've
had enough of lights for the next day or two, so I haven't bothered calling
them to ask...   I do have to recommend their 3M black reflective tape
stuff - it almost disappears in daytime on black bags, but does it's 3M
reflective best when light hits it.

(Who firmly believes that "anal retentive" should be hyphenated)

Alex I believe that the PIAA 1100x have a circular pattern.. Of
course I could be wrong :-)


>If you look carefully, you will also find that the bulb reflector is in
>directional, giving a shaped light path.  The lights are designed to be
>with the letter PIAA horizontal to the ground.  If you want to be picky and
>maximize the light pattern when mounting them sideways on the forks, you
>to remove the bulbs and grind away a small notch type of thing in the
>housing to allow correct bulb orientation.  If you don't do that, the light
>pattern will be spread up and down, as opposed to side to side.

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