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[ST] Need help recovering from the dumbest thing I've ever done

Well, long story short, moved recently and now I can't find the keys to my
bike.  Tore apart everything I own looking for 'em, and I can't find my main
key or my spare.  Already contacted the dealer, they got back to me and said
that ToA was running way behind schedule for this sort of thing and I'd be
lucky to get them by the end of the month.    I've called a bunch of local
locksmiths, and they are all unable to cut a new key from the code (which I
do have), and what's more, most of 'em don't even know that Triumph is still
around.  One knew some of Triumph's bikes, but didn't have any info except
for the Tiger and Legend series - I'm assuming that the Sprint is different.
What I'm hoping to do is get new keys as quickly as possible.  The bike is
stored safely in a commercial garage (live in NYC, so that's almost
required), but it's in the basement with the ignition locked, which would
make moving it somewhere difficult.