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[ST] CO level, bad mileage, rough running

Ok so since the last ride of the year last fall I have
been getting a lowly 32 to 35 mpg.  Right away this
spring I took it down to Team Triumph of WI & Todd
hooked up to the "gameboy" and noted that the CO level
was extremely high & also noted that I did not have
the latest tune.  So he downloaded the newest tune &
reset the CO level.  It takes him a couple of trys to
get the CO level right & it never really seems to hold
steady.   I fill up my tank & go on my way, 140 miles
later I have to put 4 gallons of gasoline in (that's
35 mpg).

Last week I notice that the bike seems to be running a
bit rough (more than normal) at low speeds when trying
to maintain a steady speed.  So I head back down to
Janesville & Team Triumph.  Todd again notes that the
CO level is very high again, test drives it & confirms
that it is pretty choppy at low speeds.  He doesn't
have any idea what could be causing these problems and
will call Triumph on Monday for a diagnosis.  Over the
weekend I then ran through a couple of tanks of gas
and have been steady at about 42 mpg.

Tonight I start the bike up and it is even more rough
than usual so having just read the recent post about
resetting its brain by turning the ignition on and off
several times I try it just to see what might happen. 
On my short ride after that it seemed to be much

So what the heck is this all about?

Steve Bergman

00 Sprint ST

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